“A sense of humor is critical for achieving stress mastery and good health.”

“I believe about good health what Yogi Berra believed about baseball—it’s 90% mental and the other half is physical!”

“When you have purpose,
you have peace of mind.”

“Stress is not your enemy—it is your teacher.”

“Wisdom, which is the ability to discern or judge what is right, true or lasting—is essential for stress mastery and good health.”

“Stress mastery is about more than just learning how to relax—it is about living a healthy and happy life even in the midst of extraordinary stress.”

“Your ability to live a full and meaningful life without being driven crazy by the stressful demands of others depends upon you being able to say no.”

“There are two great teachers in life—wisdom and suffering. It is my hope for you, that when life gives you a choice, you choose wisdom.”

“The entire process of stress mastery requires us to transform our outer stress into inner strength.”

“The simple truth is this: you cannot be happy—or healthy—if you are ungrateful.”

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The Mastering Stress Series

Dr. Neil Neimark has devoted his entire medical career to deciphering the underlying causes and effects of stress on human health and happiness.

His exploration and hands-on patient experience have resulted in the development of a series of powerful tools, including articles, books, audios and videos revealing how patients can use powerful skills and not just pills to reduce their stress, anxiety, worry and depression and reclaim their health, happiness and peace of mind.


5 Simple Steps to Reduce Your Stress & Restore You Health, Happiness & Peace of Mind

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The “Write” Way to Manage Your Stress

15 different styles of guided journaling that will help you to reduce your stress and reclaim your health.

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“When you realize, as Dr. Neil teaches, that the human body is nourished not only by the foods we eat, but also by the thoughts we think… it changes everything! Dr. Neil’s writings will change your life!”

— Dr. Tony O’Donnell

N.D., PsyD, Author, Naturopath, Radio Talk Show Host

“Dr. Neil’s holistic approach has the potential to produce a life that is physically and emotionally liberating. Anyone who desires to move beyond pain management and explore the possibilities of overall wellness must consider Dr. Neil’s Mastering Stress Series—powerful!”

—Derrick Reese

Author: Missing Footprints

“Thoughts carry substantial power to heal or hinder your life. Dr. Neil Neimark provides a step-by-step, science based plan that empowers you to transform your health, relationships, business and any area of life where negative thinking prevails.”

—JJ Virgin

New York Times Bestselling Author: The Virgin Diet and The Sugar Impact Diet

“Dr. Neil has an antidote to today’s lifestyle stresses.”

— William B. Van Valin III

M.D. Author and Former Chief of Staff

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