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  • Stress And Multitasking

    Stress And Multitasking

    The Truth About Stress And Multitasking When it comes to good health, most of us recognize that stress is the enemy of good health in many, many ways. Did you know that stress and multitasking are connected? Stress contributes to health problems we all deal with every day and others so serious that we hope […]

  • Learning To Be Present – Don’t Miss Out On Your Life!

    Quick Tricks To Get More Present One of the keys to relieving your stress – and relieving the symptoms or ailments that come from that stress – is being present in the moments of your life, rather than living in the past or worrying about the future. But how do you get there? We live […]

  • Could Meditation Be The Key To Freedom From Stress?

    The Power Of Meditation For Handling Stress You’ve likely heard about meditation before, but did you know that the benefits aren’t only for your mind and soul, but for your body as well? Whether the practice of meditation is a spiritual one for you, or simply a physical process to calm your nerves and reset […]

  • Bacon, Hot Dogs & Cancer: Where’s The Beef?

    (Photo from: The internet and blogosphere is sizzling with the latest news on the World Health Organization classifying cured meats (like bacon and hot dogs) as a Group 1 carcinogen … in the same category as smoking. Do you need to worry? Find out now, by watching this quick 6 minute video I just put together […]