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Contacting Your Inner Healer – A Guided Imagery Meditation | NeilMD.com
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Contacting Your Inner Healer

A Guided Imagery Meditation to Help You
Reduce Your Stress, Anxiety, Worry & Depression

“The guided imagery and enclosed action plan were wonderful. I really enjoyed Dr. Neimark’s soothing audio meditation. It was great to spend just a few minutes simply appreciating a peaceful moment and thinking more positively about myself. I’m happy to have found this meditation because I was looking for something to help me unwind after a stressful day and it works beautifully.”

—Gerry S from Irvine, CA

Attorney & Musician

How Will This Guided Imagery Meditation Help Me?

Contacting your inner healer places you in touch with a source of wisdom and clarity that can guide you in finding answers to difficult health problems or emotional traumas you may be dealing with. In this visualization, Dr. Neimark helps you to let go of your critical, strategic mind in order to access this quiet, peaceful place of well-being within you.

What Is Our “Inner Healer?”

Our Inner Healer is like an inner adviser, an imaginary wise figure and may appear as a person, a guardian angel, a symbol, a voice inside of us or maybe just as a feeling within. This symbolic figure provides us a valuable insight into our own deeper consciousness, offering us invaluable guidance and support in dealing with difficult health problems or emotional issues.

Throughout the ages, there has been a common human notion that guidance is available to us when we appeal to it and are receptive to it. Our Inner Healer represents a source of Divine guidance that helps us to nurture and nourish both our body, with its physical needs, and our soul, with its spiritual needs.

Listening to our body helps us to know what we need. Our body reminds us that we need time for rest, exercise and nourishment. Our body teaches us that we have limits. Listening to our soul helps us to know how we are needed. Our soul teaches us that we need to release and let go, reminding us that life is most meaningful when we give back to others the love, kindness, grace and healing we have been so fortunate to receive. Our soul teaches us that love is limitless.

Contacting our Inner Healer places us in touch with a source of wisdom and clarity that can guide us in finding answers to the difficult health problems or emotional traumas we may be facing.

Start Now on Your Journey to Greater Hope, Healing & Personal Growth by Contacting Your Inner Healer.

• On the first MP3 audio file, I will give you an inspiring 18 minute talk teaching you all about the inner healer, how it works, what it represents and how it can help you find greater health and happiness in your life.

• On the second MP3 audio file, just put on your headphones or earbuds, sit back and relax as I guide you on a powerful guided imagery meditation to the sound of a beautiful studio quality musical score, where you will make contact with your inner healer, the source of inner wisdom and divine guidance available to all who are receptive to it.

• After listening to the guided imagery meditation, then take a moment to fill out the included “Action Plan Guide” where you can take your new found insights and understandings and apply them into your life now.

A Money Back Lifetime Guarantee – No Questions Asked

“Dear Dr. Neimark, Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed your guided imager, “Contacting Your Inner Healer.” I was dealing with some serious medical problems and had to make some decisions about what to do, and this tape helped me to tap into the power of my mind and soul to come up with some answers. I have heard many relaxation tapes but never one that had the impact on me that this one did. I have been playing it daily since it arrived and am amazed at how calm and relaxed I am immediately after. This was the first Dr. Neimark product I ordered, but I guarantee it won’t be the last! Thanks!”

—Bob K from Newport Beach

Businessman & Fundraiser

“Dr. Neimark’s guided meditation is a great way to get in touch with your mind, body and soul. Contacting my “Inner Healer” helped me to find a place of relaxation, calm and serenity, where my stress level was wonderfully relieved. I’ve actually seen one of his live seminars and his ability to combine the medical view with the spiritual view is his strength. I’m sure he’s a great doctor, with a fabulous “bedside” manner. His voice is soothing, caring and gentle.”

—Lori P from San Francisco

Mom, Business Owner, & Entrepreneur

“Recently I bought the audio program “Contacting your Inner Healer.” Several nights later after returning home from an exceptionally difficult day I turned on the audio player. I followed the guided imagery. The results of this guided imagery assisted me in connecting to that part of myself that provided peace, hopefulness and guidance. This began the process of my personal healing. I look forward taking time out to visit this beautiful place within. Each review brings something new. I am grateful to Dr. Neimark for sharing his knowledge and wisdom to assist me on the start of my personal journey.”

—Jim K from Texas

Businessman & Health Enthusiast

All our products and courses are backed by a full, no questions asked, lifetime guarantee.

If for any reason whatsoever, you decide that you have not benefited from our courses or products, just write Dr. Neimark at DrN@NeilMD.com or call his nurse Cathy at 949.502.5656 or fax him at 949.502.5647 and you will be issued a full refund – no questions asked.