Less Stress Surgery

A Guided Imagery Relaxation System to Help You Heal Faster & With Less Pain After Surgery

“I am eternally grateful … “

A “must have” audio relaxation if you’re facing any kind of surgery. My search for “something” started right here and I ordered this audio to help me deal with facing a second surgery within a five month period. I wish I had had this before the first surgery. Not only did this audio relieve any pre-surgical anxieties, by playing this a week before surgery, but my gastroenterologist allowed me to play it both before & during surgery as well as in recovery. Being cut from sternum to belly button was by far the most invasive surgery I’d ever had. I was up & walking within the first 4-5 hours. I continued to get up almost unassisted the first day; I walked the hallways in total length numerous times the second day; and I came home on the third day, two days ahead of schedule! I had very little pain and only slight discomfort the first day home. I have never had that kind of amazing recovery before. My surgical team and the nursing staff were completely amazed that someone 47 would have no complications and a speedy, healthy recovery so quickly. Needless to say, they all heard “my story” about this audio. I’m am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with a Holistic Healing Practice. Even so, we all need help from time to time from fellow healers like Dr Neimark. For this guided imagery audio relaxation system, I am eternally grateful & will continue to recommend it to friends, family members and my clientele.

—Marlene J from Columbus Ohio

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Don’t Leave Your Recovery to Chance

In Less Stress Surgery: A Guided Imagery Relaxation System, I will guide you step-by-step through the process of preparing for and healing from your surgery. Utilizing the latest research in behavioral anesthesia, I will help prepare your body for the stresses of surgery through the use of “specific physiologic instructions,” which teach your body how to respond better and more efficiently to the difficulties and demands of surgery.

This is not a simple relaxation tape or music CD to help you relax. In fact,research shows that relaxation tapes alone may actually worsen your outcome after surgery. This tape uses what is called ‘specific physiologic instructions’ to prepare your body, mind and spirit for optimal healing.

You cannot perform your own surgical operation, but you can take control of your healing and recovery. In fact, you have the greatest vested interest in doing so! It’s not that your surgical team doesn’t care, believe me, they do. They care more than you can imagine. It’s just that they are as overworked and overextended as you are.

If you don’t take control of your own recovery, you may end up being just another one of many patients in a long list of patients going to surgery that day. Don’t let this happen to you! Just hoping that things will go well will not decrease your pain, lessen your anxiety, decrease your blood loss or shorten your hospital stay. You want to get home quickly to your family and loved ones, so you must take action now.

Don’t leave things to chance. You can’t just cross your fingers and hope things will go okay. You must take an active role in preparing for your surgery by following a proven system for surgical preparedness.

You need not feel scared and out of control. There is a simple solution for you.

Let Me Talk You Through Your Surgery

Utilizing the latest state-of-the-art specific physiologic instructions proven to give you the maximum benefit, you can learn how to:

  • diminish your blood loss during your surgery by learning a simple form of mental suggestion that helps you control the flow of blood to and from your surgical site.
  • minimize your nausea after surgery and improve your intestinal motility, so that you can start eating more quickly after surgery, allowing the intake of healthy nutrients into your body to get you out of the hospital faster. You know how awful that nausea feels. Why wouldn’t you want to do everything you can to decrease your nausea after surgery? Remember, the faster you can eat after an operation, the faster you can return home to your family and loved ones.
  • improve the circulation of your body’s natural endorphins (pain reducing neurotransmitters) to the site of your operation and reduce your pain by up to 38% and minimize the need for post-operative pain medication. You need not suffer any additional pain. Why not learn a simple technique to help you activate your endorphins and minimize your pain?
  • mobilize your body’s white blood cells and antibodies in order to minimize the risk of infection after your surgery. Why wouldn’t you want to do that? Of course you would. Who wouldn’t? Your operation will be difficult enough. Why not do all you can to minimize a complication post-operatively?
  • decrease your anxiety level and improve your sense of calm preparedness and well-being.


You Must Be Wondering, “How Does It Work?”

Though all the precise scientific pathways are not yet fully known, the research results are quite clear: by listening to a properly produced guided imagery tape using the latest in specific physiologic instructions–as well as emotional support–you can prepare your body–in advance–for the demands of surgery.

Using guided imagery with specific physiologic instruction is a kind of ‘flight simulation’ for the real thing. Just as pilots prepare for difficult flying conditions through the use of simulated exercises, Less Stress Surgery prepares your body, mind and spirit to be ready to handle the actual surgical flight. You need not leave things to chance. No pilot would dare fly without having the required hours in the flight simulator, nor should you have surgery without being properly prepared.

By inducing a state of physical relaxation and emotional safety and calm, your mind becomes exquisitely receptive to the specific physiologic instructions you will receive. All you need to do is begin listening to the tape about one week prior to the surgery and for one week after the surgery. That’s it. We will handle the rest, so that you are ready for healing.

Just by listening to Less Stress Surgery: A Guided Imagery Relaxation Tape, you can take control of your recovery and you can dramatically influence your outcome from surgery.

  • You can speed your recovery and shorten your hospital stay.
  • You can decrease your anxiety and diminish your need for pain medication.
  • You can minimize your blood loss.
  • You can reduce your nausea.
  • You can minimize the risk of post-operative infections.

“Painless Recovery”

As a result of listening to this audio program, I recovered from 5 hours of surgery with virtually no pain. My doctor prescribed Vicodin every four hours and I ended up taking only 4 tablets. This audio relaxation system is such a wonderful healing tool, not only before, but after surgery as well. My incision healed so fast, I was taking my usual 3 mile walks in 10 days. This program is a “must have” if you are anticipating any type of surgery!

—Susan V from Irvine, CA


“I would highly recommend this audio for anyone preparing for surgery.”

This audio program provides the edge you need to face any surgery. Enduring almost constant pain over the past twenty years, I finally made the decision to have a second back surgery. Although the techniques and results have made major strides in 20 years, it was still a difficult decision. Unfortunately, everyone wants to tell you they know someone who had back surgery and the results were disastrous. A good friend who recently had surgery, suggested Dr. Neimark’s program. The audio helped me to focus on the positive aspects my surgery would provide and to see myself on the road to recovery. It enabled me to mentally work through each step of the surgery and I became a positive and contributing factor in the successful outcome. With this encouragement I can say I am now on my way to a full recovery. I credit Dr. Neimark’s guided imagery relaxation system for giving me the mental and physical edge. I would highly recommend this program for anyone preparing for surgery.

Brian R from Lake Forest, CA

Commercial Real Estate Specialist

“A Gift of Health”

This tape helped me so much through my last surgery. I played it many times prior to the surgery and asked the doctors if I could have it played during my surgery and they agreed. My recovery time beat all others who have had the same type of surgery! While I was in the hospital recovering, I was able to play the tape and focus my pain literally “outside my body”. I did not need to have as much pain medication as they thought I would need. I would truly recommend this tape for anyone going through major surgery.

—E Sawicki from Lititz, Pennsylvania


“Excellent Tool!”

I used Dr Neimark’s audio relaxation program prior to undergoing Gastric Bypass Surgery. I believe that it helped me immeasurably. Not only was my pain level very manageable, but I left the hospital a day early. My recovery has been nothing short of remarkable! Thanks Dr Neimark!

Gena H. from Corona, CA


“It sure helped!”

I went in for major surgery and was fortunate to get Dr. Neimark’s audio program on Less Stress Surgery. There are a few points Dr. Neimark mentioned that were very helpful. 1. Think of your blood flow moving away from the area of the surgery. I did this and I had very little blood loss. 2. When you have discomfort (pain) make your mind think of good experiences. This worked great for me. I thought of my wife and kids. 3. When you wake up from surgery start thinking of your favorite foods. This will get your intestine’s working faster. I dreamed about cheesecake! It sure helped. I would recommend anyone going through surgery to listen to Dr. Neimark’s guided imagery relaxation system.

—John C from Santa Ana, CA


“Indispensable in preparing for and recovering from surgery.”

This is not just another “feel good relaxation audio”. Going into surgery without it, is like going into war unarmed. When informed that I would have to have both breasts removed, my emotions ran from shock and fear to anger and helplessness. Listening to the audio changed my attitude. Now I was taking an active part in how my surgery would go, as well as my recovery time. My anxiety pre-surgery decreased. Blood loss during the surgery was minimal. Most importantly, post surgery I experienced no nausea, and tolerable pain. Don’t be a victim of your surgical experience. Dr. Neimark’s audio relaxation system made a believer out of my surgeon and the entire medical staff. If you or someone you love is facing surgery, get this program. It actually helps you give your body specific directions to decrease anxiety, minimize blood loss, control nausea, pain, and healing. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

—Madelaine S. from Irvine, CA


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