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Mastering Stress Series

The stress mastery tools you see on this page are the result of a lifetime of work, wisdom and experience that Dr. Neimark has gained in treating patients with stress-related medical disorders. These tools will help you better manage your stress and reduce the damaging effects that too much stress can have on your physical health and emotional well-being. The powerful books, audios, videos and online training programs that you see on this page will help you learn how to use powerful skills and not just pills to reduce your stress, anxiety, worry and depression and reclaim your health, happiness and peace of mind.


Only $14.95

Change your Thinking, Change Your Life!

5 Simple Steps to Reduce Your Stress & Restore You Health, Happiness & Peace of Mind

Scientific advances now reveal that our physical body is nourished not only by the food we eat but also by the thoughts we think. In this inspiring book, Dr. Neil Neimark reveals how the science of positive thinking can help you radically transform your health, happiness and peace of mind for the better. As you begin to realize that what you feed your mind is as important to living a healthy life as what you feed your body . . . it changes everything! If you or a loved one is suffering from stress, illness, pain or depression, this book will help you take back control of your life and give you the hope you need to begin to heal.

The Perfect S.T.A.R.T. Stress Management On-Line Training Program

Only $67

Unlike traditional stress management plans that focus on reducing your stress by taking on fewer activities, avoiding stressful situations and stressful people in your life, and just letting go of the things you can’t control, The Perfect START Stress Management System teaches you how to learn from your stress, rather than be destroyed by your stress. It teaches you how to use stress as a teacher, not an enemy. Yes, you need to avoid toxic people and stressful situations, but you also need to learn how to deal with them effectively and appropriately, so that even in the midst of external stress, you learn how to stay calm and cool on the inside . . . remaining true to your values. This is the power of The Perfect START Stress Management System.

Stress Mastery 101

A 90-Minute Video Training Program – Only $12.19

In this fun-filled 90 minute video, Dr. Neil Neimark will teach you how to properly manage your stress so that it actually strengthens your mind and body and improves your physical health and emotional well-being. To learn the powerful tools that can help you transform your outer stress into inner strength and greater health, happiness and peace of mind.

Journaling Mastery Training Course

Writing Tools & Inspirational Stories for Hope, Healing & Personal Growth –Only $47

In this Journaling Mastery Training Course, you will learn how to use the powerful technique of guided journaling to reduce your stress, anxiety, worry and depression and reclaim your health, happiness and peace of mind.

Less Stress Surgery

A Guided Imagery Relaxation Program to Help You Prepare for and Recover from Surgery – Only $47

If you or a loved one requires surgery, studies show that you can …

  • Decrease your anxiety
  • Reduce your post-operative pain
  • Speed your recovery from surgery
  • Minimize your blood loss &
  • Improve your wound healing.

Guided Imagery

Contacting Your Inner Healer – A Guided Imagery Meditation to Help You Reduce Your Stress, Anxiety, Worry & Depression – Only $22

In this powerful meditation, respected and Board-Certified Family Practitioner Neil F. Neimark, M.D. has will help you let go of your critical, strategic mind in order to find answers to the difficult health problems or emotional traumas you may be facing. In this relaxing meditation, you will put aside all expectations, worries and fears in order to access that source of inner wisdom and guidance that is available to each and every one of us in the form of our Inner Healer.

Goal Setting “You CAN DO IT!”

An Inspirational and Motivational Eight Week Course for Achieving Your Dreams –Only $147

In this powerful personal coaching program in goal achievement and attitude adjustment, you gain access to a treasury of inspirational and motivational technologies, stories and proven methods for change and personal growth that really work. You get real-life teachings from some of the most successful go-getters and spiritual masters in the world. Along with this, you get examples of how to use these techniques along with dozens of some of the most inspirational and uplifting stories, powerful vignettes and motivational thoughts ever written. The instructions and insights in this eight week online course will save you thousands of dollars in therapy, doctor bills and guesswork about becoming all that you are capable of becoming. It’s as if you’re right beside me, just like one of my very own patients, learning directly from me as I show you, precisely, how to discover a new sense of clarity, hope, health and optimism regarding actually achieving the life you now only dream of living.

All our products and courses are backed by a full, no questions asked, lifetime guarantee.

If for any reason whatsoever, you decide that you have not benefited from our courses or products, just write Dr. Neimark at DrN@NeilMD.com or call his nurse Cathy at 949.502.5656 or fax him at 949.502.5647 and you will be issued a full refund – no questions asked.