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The Science of Positive Thinking

Change your thinking, Change Your Life!

5 Simple Steps to Reduce Your Stress & Restore You Health, Happiness & Peace of Mind

Scientific advances now reveal that our physical body is nourished not only by the food we eat but also by the thoughts we think. In this inspiring book, Dr. Neil Neimark reveals how the science of positive thinking can help you radically transform your health, happiness and peace of mind for the better. As you begin to realize that what you feed your mind is as important to living a healthy life as what you feed your body . . . it changes everything! If you or a loved one is suffering from stress, illness, pain or depression, this book will help you take back control of your life and give you the hope you need to begin to heal.

“When you realize that the human body is nourished not only by the foods we eat, but also by the thoughts we think… it changes everything! This book will change your life.”

—Dr. Tony O’Donnell, N.D., PsyD

Author, Naturopath, Radio Talk Show Host

“Thoughts carry substantial power to heal or hinder your life. In his new book The Science of Positive Thinking, Dr. Neil Neimark provides a step-by-step, science based plan that empowers you to transform your health, relationships, business and any area of life where negative thinking prevails.”

—JJ Virgin

New York Times Bestselling Author: "The Virgin Diet" and "The Sugar Impact Diet"

“I have been fortunate enough to travel the nation speaking to families on the impact of a fatherless America—it is a stress unto its own. Dr. Neil’s holistic approach in The Science of Positive Thinking has the potential to produce a life that is physically and emotionally liberating. Anyone who desires to move beyond pain management and explore the possibilities of overall wellness must consider Dr. Neil’s Mastering Stress Series—powerful!”

—Derrick Reese

Author: Missing Footprints