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  • Understanding Gratitude Could Make You Happier

    Understanding Gratitude Could Make You Happier

    Quick Habits To Add More Gratitude To Your Life Adding gratitude to your life is about both what you think, and what you do. Our thoughts and actions are a cycle – what you think affects what you do, and how you act affects how you feel. So today we’ll talk about adding both grateful […]

  • Staying Positive, No Matter Where You Are

    Cultivate and live in a positive environment. So much of our own attitudes and beliefs come from what we see and hear every day. If you’re trying to cultivate a more positive, affirming life – in hopes of being happier, healthier, and less stressed – then one of the first things you must do is […]

  • Gratitude Is A Gift

    Gratitude Is A Gift

    Gratitude is a gift because it brings you to the present. Gratitude is a quality of the spiritual world, that increases as you give it away. Gratitude heals because it takes us out of the past, where guilt resides and out of the future, where worry resides–and it moves us back into the present–the only […]