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  • Exercise For Better Brain Function And Less Stress!

    Exercise For Better Brain Function And Less Stress!

    In A Few Minutes Think More Clearly And Have Less Stress If you are stressed or depressed, the thought of taking time and making a way to exercise may just sound like a big extra load of stress piled on top of your already stress filled life! Nothing could be farther from the truth. To […]

  • How To Talk To Your Doctor About IBS

    How To Talk To Your Doctor About IBS

    Get Prepped If you struggle with IBS, or think that might be the culprit of your digesting issues, then talking with a doctor on a regular basis is vital. This is what helps keep your diagnosis and treatment in line with what’s actually happening in your body. The last thing you want is an inaccurate […]

  • Healthy Foods For Better Energy

    Healthy Foods For Better Energy

    You Don’t Need THAT Much Coffee! When you’re having a hard time waking up or making it through the day without a nap, then it might be time to lean less on caffeine and more on the healthy foods that will give you energy to spare and enough fuel to make it through the day […]

  • Water Can Help You Reduce Stress And Lose Weight!

    Water Can Help You Reduce Stress And Lose Weight!

    Study Finds Hydration Is One Key To Reduce Stress And Lose Weight Did you ever think that you can actually help reduce your stress levels and lose weight just by drinking more water! You may be able to do just that. For a very long time we have been encouraged to drink 6-8 cups of […]

  • Yoga Can Help IBS

    Yoga Can Help IBS

    Did You Know Yoga Can Help IBS? If you have IBS you already know that your gut tends to overreact to certain foods, stress, even excitement and anticipation. Some experts believe that the normal brain-gut interactions are disrupted in people with IBS. But did you know that yoga can help IBS? Increased stress or anxiety […]

  • Could High Cortisol Be Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?

    If you are eating well, a nutritious balanced diet and exercising but can’t seem to lose weight, high cortisol may be the problem. It seems unbelievable but if your cortisol is higher than normal it can make it almost impossible to lose weight even when you eat very low calories. We need cortisol to live, […]

  • How Exercise Can Balance Your Hormones Naturally

    Do You Know If You Need To Balance Your Hormones? Hormones play a huge role in our overall health. They are the engines behind many of the normal processes that take place inside our bodies. When hormones get out of balance it not only affects how our bodies conduct those processes but also how we feel. […]

  • Could Exercise Help Your Anxiety?

    Relationship of Exercise to Anxiety Disorders We’ve all heard it time and time again: “you should be more active!” But what if just a little extra exercise – maybe even just ten minutes of walking! – could make a difference not only in your heath, but in your head, too? It turns out activity could […]