Journaling Mastery Training Course –

Journaling Mastery Training Course

350-bigstock-the-young-beautiful-woman-lays-29549723In this Journaling Mastery Book & Video Training Course, you will learn how to use the powerful technique of guided journaling to reduce your stress, anxiety, worry and depression and reclaim your health, happiness and peace of mind. This product is delivered as a Digital Download. buynow47

  • First, you get The Handbook of Journaling: Writing Tools & Inspirational Stories for Hope, Healing & Personal Growth, in which you will learn 15 different styles of guided journaling that will help you to reduce your stress and reclaim your health, happiness and peace of mind.
  • Over my 30 years of medical practice, I have tested these journaling techniques with patients time and again and they stand the test of time. They each work effectively and quickly to help you reduce your stress, revitalize your health and restore your sense of hope. Additionally, the first five chapters are devoted to the science of journaling and it’s medical basis.


  • As a special bonus for acting today, you will get complimentary access to my powerful video presentation, The Healing Power of Journaling.
  • In this 44 minute instructional video, you will learn the incredible science behind the healing power of journaling. You will learn how to tap into the power of your “Inner Pharmacy” to help your body create unparalleled well-being. This is no simple positive thinking video. It is filled with practical information on healing your mind, body and soul through the power of guided journaling.
  • In The Handbook of Journaling, you not only get 15 powerful guided journaling techniques, but you also get dozens of real-life examples of how to use these techniques along with some of the most inspirational and uplifting stories, powerful vignettes and motivational quotes ever written.
  • It’s as if you’re right beside me, just like one of my very own patients, learning directly from me as I show you precisely how to discover a new sense of clarity, hope and well-being regarding the stress, illness or pain you may be experiencing.
  • Start Now On Your Journey To More Inner Peace

DrNeimark233CroppedStart Now On Your Journey To Greater Hope, Healing & Personal Growth

  • My 250 Page E-book: The Handbook of Journaling: Writing Tools & Inspirational Stories for Hope, Healing and Personal Growth
  • My 44 Minute Instructional DVD Video “The Healing Power of Journaling”
  • Bonus #1: My Special Report On “Five Things You Absolutely Need To Know To Achieve Optimal Health”
  • Bonus #2: My Special Report “Emergency Stress Reduction Journaling”
  • Bonus #3: My Special Report “Two Powerful Antidotes To Stress”
  • A Lifetime Guarantee – No Questions Asked



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