Dr. Neimark’s New Book Is Now Available on Amazon!

Hi Everyone!

Make 2015 your most positive year ever with my brand new book, The Science of Positive Thinking — now available on Amazon.com.

It’s full of uplifting, inspirational and practical science-based information that can really help you change your health and your life for the better!

The book picks up where Norman Vincent Peale left off by moving from the power of positive thinking to the science of positive thinking, revealing the scientific mechanisms whereby the body converts our ideas and expectations into biochemical realities.

In short, the book explains how science is now showing us that the physical body is nourished not only by the food we eat, but also by the thoughts we think! So just by changing your thinking, you really can change your physical health and definitely your emotional well-being for the better.

So, for all of you who love to read about self-help and personal growth or just want to help me out and be a part of this very special occasion, check out the book now on Amazon by clicking here!

As a special bonus to all my readers, once you order the book, you’ll get free access to seven free bonus videos that explain these powerful concepts in even more detail! 

Thanks so much in advance for your help and for sharing this very special occasion with me.