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  • Start Your Journey Today

    Within each one of us there lies a “healing system” capable of fighting off disease, combating infection and bringing us greater energy, vitality and well-being. In any medical text we can read about the “digestive system”, the “circulatory system” or the “nervous system”, but nowhere can we find a chapter on the “healing system”. Yet […]

  • Bacon, Hot Dogs & Cancer: Where’s The Beef?

    (Photo from: The internet and blogosphere is sizzling with the latest news on the World Health Organization classifying cured meats (like bacon and hot dogs) as a Group 1 carcinogen … in the same category as smoking. Do you need to worry? Find out now, by watching this quick 6 minute video I just put together […]

  • Learn “The EFG Formula” for Calming Down Now!

    If you’ve been treating yourself miserably, eating poorly, barely sleeping and are flat out of patience, try these three powerful steps for calming down now, called “The EFG Formula!” Hi everyone! Dr. Neil here. Wow! If you’ve been exhibiting any of these signs above, you are definitely a victim of what we call an “amygdala […]

  • Be Happy Now

    Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert has spent more than a decade detailing – through scientific research – just how poor we are at predicting which future events will make us happy. The practical wisdom we can extract from such research: be happy now. Whatever it is you think will one day make you happy is likely […]

  • Get Your Stress Back Under Control

    The Perfect S.T.A.R.T. (Stress, Tension & Anxiety Relief Training) On-Line Stress Management Course If you’re serious about taking back control of your life, reducing your stress and reclaiming your health, happiness and peace of mind, then this blog post may just be the most important post you ever read. Because in the next few minutes you’re […]

  • Optimism Is A Choice

    Optimism Is A Choice

    When it comes to optimism, the science is compelling … optimists are more likely to persevere in the face of difficulty, set a greater number of goals, be more successful in academic, social and professional situations … and maintain higher levels of well-being and mental health during times of stress. And the best part is […]

  • Dr. Neimark’s New Book Is Now Available on Amazon!

    Hi Everyone! Make 2015 your most positive year ever with my brand new book, The Science of Positive Thinking — now available on It’s full of uplifting, inspirational and practical science-based information that can really help you change your health and your life for the better! The book picks up where Norman Vincent Peale left off by […]

  • Welcome!

    Neil F. Neimark, M.D., Board Certified Family Physician and Fellow of The American Institute of Stress, teaches, “Stress is not your enemy, it is your teacher.” When you take a moment to learn from your stress rather than react to it, you begin the process of self-reflection and personal growth, so necessary to living a […]

  • Get Practical Science & Timeless Wisdom for Mastering Stress

    Get Practical Science & Timeless Wisdom for Mastering Stress

    There is a wonderful quote by Mother Teresa that I first heard over 25 years ago and it has guided me well in learning how to manage my own stress as well helping my patients manage their stress. The quote goes like this, “I know that God would never give me more than I can […]

  • Become Like the Hot Coal and Not the Burning Match

    Become Like the Hot Coal and Not the Burning Match

    One of the key predictors of stress mastery and success in life is something called stress resilience, which refers to our ability to bounce back from adversity. A recent Scientific American Mind cover story on stress resilience, quotes a Harvard Business Review article by Dean M. Becker, founder of Adaptive Learning Systems, who says, “more […]