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  • How To Stay Present Even When You Think You Can’t

    How To Stay Present Even When You Think You Can’t

    When Times Are Tough, This Matters Even More Is it harder to stay present when your life gets crazy? Absolutely. What about when you’re in pain, sad, experience an illness or loss? Even more so! But no matter how hard it is to center yourself and be present in the moment, it’s a vital part […]

  • Not Sleeping? We Can Help!

    Not Sleeping? We Can Help!

    What You Do BEFORE Bed   What makes the most difference for your ability to sleep – and for your body’s ability to heal through deep sleep – is what you do BEFORE bed. Allowing yourself to follow natural rhythms helps you stop fighting against your own body, and you’ll get back the chance for […]

  • How Forgiveness Keeps You Healthy

    How Forgiveness Keeps You Healthy

    The Mind And Soul Affect The Body   Anyone who’s had a stress headache or gotten nausea in the pit of their stomach when afraid knows all too well how much our minds and spirits affect our physical bodies. From stress hormones to emotional triggers, there is no denying that to be in true physical […]

  • Use Grounding To Calm Anxiety

    Use Grounding To Calm Anxiety

    Anxiety Doesn’t Have To Control You If you’ve ever experienced a panic or anxiety attack, then you know how difficult they can be. It feels all-encompassing, like you’re completely out of control. But there are proven ways to regain a sense of control and quell the panic to rises, often seemingly out of nowhere. One […]

  • Science Shows Prayer Heals

    Science Shows Prayer Heals

    Science Confirms Prayer Heals and Lengthens Life Modern research confirms that having a peaceful mind and a life full of joy improves our body’s ability to fight off disease and actually heal itself.  What you may not know is that there is growing scientific evidence that prayer heals and faith in God, actually does protect […]

  • Why Posture Matters For Stress Reducing Meditation

    Grounding Yourself Like A Tree The posture you take when meditating is a vital part of the practice – both to keep your mind alert, and also to put your body back in alignment. Whether you come into a meditative practice for the emotional benefit of increased mindfulness or the physical benefit of counteracting the […]

  • Lowering Cortisol Through A More Peaceful Life

    You CAN Lower Cortisol Naturally If you struggle with high cortisol, then you know it can touch just about every part of your health and life – from energy and sleep, to digestion, hormonal balance, weight management, emotional health, and much more. It’s important to talk with your doctor and find the right balance for […]

  • Learning To Be Present – Don’t Miss Out On Your Life!

    Quick Tricks To Get More Present One of the keys to relieving your stress – and relieving the symptoms or ailments that come from that stress – is being present in the moments of your life, rather than living in the past or worrying about the future. But how do you get there? We live […]

  • Get Your Stress Under Control Starting Today

    Lifestyle Changes To Lower Your Stress Level Naturally Some of the best ways to reduce your stress level is by removing stressors (both physical and emotional) to give yourself at the best possible chance for health and success. These are a few ways to improve your lifestyle and get your stress under control. Avoid Caffeine, […]

  • Could Meditation Be The Key To Freedom From Stress?

    The Power Of Meditation For Handling Stress You’ve likely heard about meditation before, but did you know that the benefits aren’t only for your mind and soul, but for your body as well? Whether the practice of meditation is a spiritual one for you, or simply a physical process to calm your nerves and reset […]