Why Is It Important to Have Balanced Hormones?

It’s Worth Having Balanced Hormones

Having balanced hormones is one of those topics that is so vast that it can seem impossible to understand. Let’s face it, most of us aren’t doctors or nurses and trying to understand the ever-changing puzzle that seems to be the road to balanced hormones just makes our heads spin and we want to change the subject!

Tomorrow you will wake up, get out of bed, have coffee or tea and breakfast and get dressed and go to work. You will work all day, come back home and spend your evening in one of many ways and go to bed again. These things will happen whether you know that your hormones are balanced or not. So what is the big deal! Why go through the frustration and time and energy to try to understand a topic that seems to be a moving target anyway.

Life is going to go on whether you have balanced hormones or not, right? Well maybe, but the fact is that your experience of life because of your health will be very different if you have balanced hormones than it will be if you live with hormone imbalance. Your risk for serious diseases and some life threatening ones goes up if your hormones are out of balance. The other risks that go up are those of discomfort and unhappiness, exhaustion and weight gain, and so many more.

Take a look today at one expert’s explanation of why they believe balanced hormones are important for all women including after menopause.

In my opinion, hormones are the foundation of health. If we use the analogy of building a house, the food you eat, your sleep, exercising and supplements are your bricks, but even with the best bricks in the world, if your foundations (hormones) are ‘shaky,’ then you won’t be able to build the house well…

…Imbalance in the Endocrine System

When we talk about hormones, people often just think about male or female sex hormones, such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone – but there are numerous hormones that affect our systems such as cortisol, the stress hormone, insulin which controls blood sugars and is very inflammatory to the body in high levels, and thyroid hormones that can affect mood, energy and weight. All these hormones are part of what we call endocrine systems, and a deficiency or imbalance in one of them can have an impact on the other hormones too….

…Benefits of Hormone Balance in Women

Did you know that a large study by the Endocrine Society showed that taking hormone replacement therapy at the point of menopause reduced the participants all-cause mortality by 40% compared to women who didn’t take any hormones? Hormones are good and they can improve your cardiovascular, neurological and bone health, as well as help with energy, sleep, mood, memory, focus, sex drive, hair and skin. – Prime

Be Your Own Best Friend! Lower Your Breast Cancer Risk

No woman wants breast cancer. For all the work done trying to prevent breast cancer it can still seem impossible to understand. Here is a look at one way that you can be your own best friend by lowering your own risk of breast cancer. Taking steps to be sure that your hormones are in balance is a powerful tool in limiting your own cancer risk.

Taking steps to be sure that your hormones are in balance is a powerful tool in limiting your own cancer risk. To answer our earlier question, enjoying good health and vitality while lowering cancer risk is a very important reason to have balanced hormones.

Hormone Balance: The Key to Breast Cancer Prevention

Breast cancer risk increases with hormone imbalance and estrogen dominance. However, reducing the effects of many of these factors is well within our influence: we need not age before our time, stress can be reduced, good nutrition and exercise can become habit, exposure to cancer-causing toxins can be minimized, bioidentical-friendly health providers can provide simple hormone testing and guidance on healthy hormone balance. Even laughter and creativity are now recognized as important cancer prevention strategies! These lifestyle changes give us the opportunity to enjoy a healthy life and reduce breast cancer risk. For starters we can make sure that the stress in our lives does not take center stage, taxing our adrenal glands as they attempt to produce the hormone cortisol, immunities and hormone supplies; we can ensure that estrogen does not build up in our tissues by choosing organic, hormone-free foods and supplements that reduce the estrogen burden; and we can lower our daily exposure to toxins by ridding our cupboards of xenoestrogens, in household cleaners and personal care products that contain toxic chemicals instead of herbal or plant-based preparations.

Yet our efforts must not begin and end there. If we are following a bioidentical rebalancing program, it is essential that we work with a physician to monitor our hormone levels, so that we can be sure we are getting treatment tailored to our individual needs—no more, no less than the body requires. – Women In Balance

Have you ever seen a hormone specialist and had your hormone levels checked?