You Can Stay Healthy While Working Full Time

Tips to Help You Stay Healthy With A Busy Work Schedule

We all know that stress is the elephant in the room when it comes to so many health issues that we deal with today. Sensing that you have lost control over your life will increase stress like nothing else. Let’s look at ways to decrease stress and help you stay healthy while managing a busy work and home schedule.

The constant pressure of work demands, a busy schedule, and managing your home life really can give you a sense that your life is out of control. So how can you regain a sense of control over your life, meet all of your responsibilities at work and be sharp while taking care of your home and family.

Believe it or not, creating a few simple healthy habits and patterns in your day that you make a priority for your health really can help you regain a sense of control even in the midst of a busy, pressure-filled life.

These tips have health benefits on their own. Each one brings a different health boost to your life. The overall big win, however, is the reduction in stress that you will experience just by setting up choices that are for your good and sticking to them.

1. Use Your Off-Time Wisely:

When I find myself with an insane week ahead and I know there is a possibility of just caving to bad foods, I try to focus on preparation for what is ahead. This means I spend about 5 hours on my Sunday running to the grocery store and prepping food for the week ahead. I stock the fridge with fresh veggies and fruits that are easy to have on hand. This means you will find piles of apples, bananas, carrots, celery, and other grab-and-go items that provide nutrients and are not processed but instead whole foods. I also make a healthy, simple soup (such as this one, this one, or this one), they make a great quick lunch that doesn’t result in me eating something I will regret. Stress eating can be very harmful and really cause problems, especially over a period of time. Then I line up 5 SUPER simple dinner recipes that force me away from the office, but only for enough time to clear my head. Finally, I try to prep a few jars of juice as well. This means if lunch is not going to happen, I can still get all my nutrients from a great green juice. Preparation can mean the difference between eating poorly and eating healthy even amongst the insanity. Focusing on getting as many raw nutrients you can when you are under stress will help you stay awake, aware, and focused. Fuel your body properly.

2. 10 Minute Workouts:

We all know that when things hit the fan, hitting the gym can be hard, but the 10 minute workout sessions from the guy behind P90x are great. He is super annoying, but the workouts are great. Once you’ve done the workouts enough, I suggest putting him on mute and putting on a great playlist :). We CAN all find 10 minutes in our day, no matter how intense it gets. What I have found that even 10 minutes a day in a stressful week can make a huge difference in my body. Sneak it in just before you warm up your soup for lunch or first thing when you wake up in the morning before you shower. Working out keeps you mentally stimulated and you will feel good about your body during the day as well. Working out also increases endorphins, which can fend off stress and also bring confidence to your day. I highly suggest buying these or even using this app on your iPad as well. The little things can make a huge difference.
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Tips for Fuel and Down Time

No engine can run without the right fuel. No person can be active and think clearly without good nutrition and hydration. In the same way, if you run an engine at full pace with no stop it will at some point burn out – literally!

You don’t want your body to burn out because you don’t give yourself down time.

Here are some great tips to help you boost your health and keep running strong!

Eat Breakfast:

Sound familiar? Yeah. This to-do is everywhere. When you’re working full time and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it’s more important than ever. But if you don’t have time to cook in the morning, you need to plan ahead. Make a list of easy go-to breakfasts. Maybe for you it’s cereal with sliced banana and tea. Oatmeal is another good option. If you’re constantly hungry, like me, you might want to carve out a little more time in the AM to fill your gut.

Just a couple extra minutes gives you enough time to cook up a couple eggs, toast a bagel or English muffin, slice some cheese and tomato. Pile it into a sandwich and wrap in foil, and you have a powerfully healthy sandwich that will keep you full till lunch!

Stay Hydrated.

Again. This is no surprise — our bodies are more than 50% water. Staying hydrated is critically important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But did you know that hydration is also the key to honed concentration, efficient digestion and weight maintenance, good skin, and more?

Your office may not have a water cooler, but regular tap water (water fountain, etc.) in most areas does the job. Just bring a cup or BPA-free water bottle (I snagged this set at TJ Max for under $10!) to keep at your desk. I like to boost my intake by mixing in half coconut water, which has added potassium. In the cooler months, I get my fill with herbal teas. Staying hydrated helps keep headaches at bay, too. So, if you’re prone to headaches, your cure may be just a sip away!


Work days can be stressful, right? How you deal with that stress makes all the difference. You need to find what works for you, but for me — a walk around the block, whipping up a few recipes, or singing some tunes helps me unwind. Keeping your de-stressing activities healthy is half the battle (and I’ve been there, stuffing cookies into my mouth all night, believe me!).

But when your treat yourself right — you reap the rewards. You may even choose to make a post-work ritual (like half an hour of yoga when you return home) to get into a calm rhythm.

Alone time is also important. Even alone time from your partner. Take time to do something for you and just you. For me, running gives me solitude. Time to think. Usually when I’ve finished a good run (and distance can range from 1 mile to 20!), my worries melt away. Even if only temporarily.
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How do you help yourself stay healthy, no matter what your schedule looks like?