What Does Holistic Health Mean?

Many people assume that holistic healthcare means only partaking in Eastern medicinal practices, but this isn’t the case. For some those alternative paths are exactly what they need, for others more traditional medicine holds the key to their optimal health. But at its core, the holisic approach to health is about understanding a person as a whole being – with mind, body, and spirit all working together. So to achieve health and balance in one area, you must work from all angles to achieve health and balance in all.

The Holistic Lifestyle Approach

Living a holistic lifestyle is any lifestyle which makes you feel like a whole person. This includes any way of living or being that allows someone to feel as if they are being nurtured and are given the freedom to grow. For most, this would involve knowing what would make you happy and feel complete. There is no right or wrong as everyone is different! For most people there are key areas we all want to improve; these being our health, our relationships, financial and spiritual connections, as well as our ability to create.

Emotional Mind

The mind controls the body. Therefore, the “mind state” is the key to assessing the energetic balance of the heart and soul. The most profound realization is to understand that energy follows thought. Keeping our energy positive and enlightened can help to encourage our wellness, just as negative thought patterns can continue to make us sick. Since the main cause/instigator of illness is stress, understanding how to control your stress levels is imperative. The Mind is comprised of your Mental health – encompasses peace of mind, optimism, work that you love doing, the ability to forgive, and a sense of humor. The mind is also your Emotional health – identifying, expressing, experiencing, and accepting all of your feelings.

– via www.peacefulmind.com

When it comes to a holistic approach to health, one of the main tenets is balance. When you find balance within your mind and balance within your spirit, it helps your physical body follow suit and achieve a better level of balance as well.

Keeping the Mind, Body & Spirit in Sync

Until recent years, the holistic approach was largely dismissed by mainstream society as nothing but a fad. Acknowledging the ineffectiveness of traditional medicine to completely deal with modern stressors and other health problems, holistic practitioners are now being sought out in record numbers. Holism incorporates a variety of healing practices than span many belief systems and centuries of wisdom from cultures around the globe. Aspects of Native American, Buddhist, Shamanistic and Kabbalistic healing as well as a wealth of other practices have proven to yield impressive results at a fraction of the cost of traditional medical treatments. The notable difference between the holistic approach and the more conventional methods is the focus on overall well being of the patient. In other words, when the mind, body and spirit of an individual are in sync, the health of the person – the whole being – will follow suit.

– via AllHealthcare

Do you take a holistic approach to your health? Have you found a medical professional who works alongside you on this journey?